Hey! Golden Days Are Here Again!

There's a song in there somewhere! We are super-excited about Golden Days this year, as we celebrate the discovery of gold here, being socially responsible of course as we want folks to have fun and be safe at the same time! So there's a lot more coming on this but do click on the photo to link to our chambers web page and be sure and check out my interview with Marisa!

Reverse parade (how long can you drive a float backwards? I mean, come on!) The Rubber Ducky Race 'Rona Edition, The Street Fair and more like you've seriously never seen them before! Then there's the pirate, unauthorized parade coverage that must take place one way or another...wait-was I not supposed to mention that? Oops...

Golden Days 2020 Will Happen July 18

Golden Days 2020 Will Happen July 18

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