What's That Rodent On My Lawn??!

I was trying to finish my Steinbeck novel when I was startled into action for this-a good sized, very wet critter-was it a ground squirrel, woodchuck, marmot, muskrat maybe (beaver and porcupine came up but we realize it's not that). I had no idea we had woodchucks in Alaska, which fall under the marmot family... which then apparently falls under the squirrel family...it's like they are all one big happy rodent family. And while it was cool to see once, I hope that this fella was just visiting and heads back out to the woods he came from! And where does the gopher come in...good dancer (click on photo #2)

Check out the special rodent edition of Rocky Barnette's Wild Kingdom below and click on the photos to learn more about what this possibly was. Because the more I read, the more confused I become...

Rodent On The Move
Isn't That The Dude From Caddyshack?
How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck?