At Least One Good Thing Coming Out Of 2020

And for me it kind of happened by accident, but thus far I've had at least 3 different-and beautiful- "Smokey the Bear" moments, that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is indeed, Smokey THE Bear. And by the way, the whole Santa The Claus argument was weak-his last name is Claus and everyone knows that. Smokey does not have a last name. And Easter THE Bunny? come on, man! It's THE Easter Bunny. He (or she) doesn't need a name. The bunny just is. And all this came as I was trying to get through the whole thunder and lightning thing. It's funny how the mind works! Oh and 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of Smokey THE Bear-yay!!!!

Look-it's Smokey THE Bear!