We Need To Remember The Good Times...

I say that for myself as much as for anyone else. 'Rona times are limiting at best...and we won't get into the "at worst" part! And man I'm having more mood swings than ever before...so much so I think I could run the swings in Mood Swing Park 24-7 all by myself...and then I stumbled on this photo while I was doing some unpleasant things thanks in large part to the 'Rona and I had to stop and smile...and share! Sure, this is a photo of a photo (I should try scanning it maybe?). So for all the good times in my life-you can nibble on that a while 2020 and all the badness that came with-seriously you have some serious baggage following you around. But you're not going to break us...but please don't push me anymore because I am pretty doggone close.

Ryder and AJ-love you guys bunches...and I hope this photo embarrasses you bunches...I think this was the weekend we went to the Katy Perry concert.

Good Time Indeed