More Fun With My (Big) Peonies

That one never gets know, like not my little pony, but the big peony...that's good stuff! Anyhow these ones here blossomed over the weekend, but the pink ones have not yet officially bloomed-I have a theory as to why-more on that in the attached podcast! hard not to love this flower: It's big; it's beautiful; and it smells delicious. And doggone it, it's a fun name to play around with! There's no downside to this wonderful plant, and the fact that they grow back every year in my yard is amazing...seriously, our garden is pathetic but those peonies rock!! I think the only thing that would make them better is if you could ride them...get it? Ride the Peony? Oh man, it is a real song-and I know it because I wrote it!!

Peonies Heaven
Peony Before He Got His Head Chopped Off
Love Those Peonies