The Email That Turned 2020 Around...

Just when you thought you'd hit rock bottom and there was nowhere to go but up...

Remember how I was talking about the 'Rona basically wiping out the gigs at least for now? Well then imagine my delight when I got this email! How much should I charge? I've never hosted a "Directors cocktail", nor have I been addressed as "Sir/Ma". They must really be impressed with reputation to offer me an event of this caliber, right? Finally-I am getting the recognition I deserve!!

Okay, don't try and crush my remaining hopes and dreams...I'm sure they'll get back to me with the venue location and stuff...and by stuff I mean my money. I'll see if I can get some extra passes for you guys. Oh, it's all on the up-and-up from here my friends!!! Rocky's back, back on track, not gonna take no mo 'Rona's my new hype song I'm working on. Hopefully this gig will be as good as my song!!!

Don't believe me? The "central laboratory London is a real place. You would think a bunch of educated researchers could put together a more professional letter but hey-who am I to judge?!

The Email That Changed It All

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