There's Still Time For You To Give With "UA Giving Day"

Really it's 2 days and 1 hour as it's 49 hours for giving in the 49th state-pretty cool but time is ticking away! Give now by going to

Look, give as much as you can or as much as you'd like. You can choose which programs/areas you'd like your donation to benefit which is awesome, and you'll be supporting education. Hey I wonder how much Dunleavy gave-can we look that up? And be sure to share the love using #UAGivingDay2020

Bonus #RockyLovesUAF #EducationRocks #latitdudewithAttitude #EducateMe #ThanksUAF #TakeAChanceOnMe

And listen to the podcast when you have a chance. UAF took a chance on me, and I will forever be grateful for that opportunity. It seriously changed the course of my life. And that is a photo of the photo that I think either Walter J took of me back in the day...I know-you're saying Rock you should have went into TV but I was way too modest for that!

Sexy Never Left. Baby-And It's Giving Back To UAF

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