There's Still Time To Rock The Vote-Polls Open Until 8 Tonight

I have been so pumped up today-I don't think I've ever been this excited to vote in an election in my lifetime. Can you feel it too? I think that's a downside of all those early votes-it's perhaps not the same thrill as Election Day, you know? And I'd like to lay down some drama at the polls but really it was smooth-in and out in 20 minutes and everyone was respectful and kind...cause that's how we roll here-thanks for that!!! I do feel guilty though as I took two stickers as a fun prank to get folks fired up that I had actually voted twice. But now the guilt has sunk in as later when they run out of stickers someone will remember that one guy Rocky Barnette took I voted the exact opposite on my second ballot so I just realized I cancelled out my vote...dang me and my pranks!!!

Okay I voted once but took two stickers and I'm sorry!!!

Having tacos tonight (It's Taco Tuesday Election Day) as we watch election results-I am excited!!!!!

Rocky Voted Twice??!!?!?!?

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