Friday The 13th And Rocky's Got A New Song Out...

The song has nothing to do with this special holiday though. Look I figure we're 3 weeks away from another lockdown...unless we take some steps to reverse the upward spiral of "Rona cases NOW. And one of those is wearing a mask. So to celebrate that, we (and by 'we" I mean me) came up with a song parody but I can't take full credit for that as the photo you see here was the inspiration catalyst to make this a reality. I was looking for new poster base on the CDC update on masks and what that could mean to our economy if even just 15% more folks starting wearing them...anyhow, after seeing this I could not NOT do a song with it.

Now before you listen I need to remind you again that I'm a lover, not a singer...although I'm not very good at the former either. I hope you enjoy it and appreciate the sentiment at the very least. It's been a pretty 2020 year, and today was not just Friday the was more 2020. For those of you missing out, 2020 is now your favorite curse word. 2020 right it is!!!

And remember that this is bigger than your view on wearing a mask. If we all tried it for a few weeks just to see if it made a difference...really how bad can that be? If it's gonna help more than it hurts, it's worth a shot...

Please-Wear The Mask

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