It's Thanksgiving Eve...

And all through the station, Rocky was looking for some holiday hydration...oh wait, not now-that's for tomorrow! We gotta do a whole "Twas The Night Before Turkey Day" bit at some point though!

Anyhoo I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for everything, and I know this year has been challenging and divisive, but as Americans-and Alaskans-I really feel that there's nothing we can't do, you know? So maybe you're not together with all the family and friends this year, realizing we need to "slow the curve", or you've thrown caution to the wind and went ahead and did it your way...all right, let's just agree there's a lot of division out there.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy lots of Turkey, Turkey and more! And don't miss our Cyber Weekend Holiday Half Price Club kicking off this Friday at 6AM!

Cool Turkey Courtesy of National Wild Turkey Federation

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