Um, I'm Pretty Sure That's Not A Reaper...

Well, I got duped on the seeds and now Grimm and V. Sickle are facing an identity crisis. But it was good inspiration to (badly) parody a song, so I got that going for me, which is nice...

My hope is Grimm and V. Sickle think that they are Carolina Reapers...what an interesting experiment! I thought when the peppers first started growing that they might transition into something closer to what a Reaper should look like, but no-I don't see that happening. Leaves are wrong, whole pepper looks like a Serrano but I'll wait and see when they mature.

Moral of the story is probably don't buy pepper seeds off of least that's how we're tying it into the song!

Photo: Exhibit A: Not A Carolina Reaper

Photo: Exhibit B: That's A Reaper (but not what I'm growing)

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