The Northern Lights Were Out For A Long Time Last Night

So I immediately contacted GVEA.

I mean, what gives?!?!?! Seriously, I hope you got to see them too-if not, I have attached some photos I took with my've seen better, but I still thought these were worth sharing.

I do believe it's seeing these 3 things: the Borealis, Denali and moose (and those red foxes-love them, so 3 and half) that keep me in Alaska. When I get tired of enjoying these, then perhaps it's time to move on. Um, spoiler alert-I still can't get enough of any of those!! Oh, add porcupines to the list too-cute but not huggable, however very loveable in their own way.

Photo: Lights Were Everywhere You Looked

Photo: My Photos Do Not Do Justice

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