I'm done living to work. I work... to live. And I've lived. It's amazing.

First things first... I need to apologize to you.

In the past, I've made "statements" or said "things" which have reached to a higher plane.

Things which were said to inspire. Stuff I said in the hopes that you'd read the words... and that they'd stay... just words.

I'd post motivational things or I'd share, as I do at 14:10 weekday afternoons on the national shows - or at 06:12 in SLC... some things which were on my mind when I thought of you... You know, the #TobyTalk. We don't do this in DC, btw... so if you are in DC or the DMV, DM me and I'll send you a link...

The truth is... up until the last month or so, I didn't always believe what I said.

That changed. Around a firepit. Over the last few days.

I've been working remotely... I've taken "off" from the home show in DC and I've been spending time living life and enjoying downtime from different locations and I've been able, with technology, to handle the "work-from-wherever" part of life while living the rest of my life in different places.

Let me tell you about some of the liberation I've found in the ability to do so...

The other morning, I watched the sun rise from the bow of a boat on a lake. This morning, I was on a different lake soaking up the sun and recharging before coming back to re-start the grind in DC of getting up early, doing all of the things for a bit, and then, shifting gears to do the other things I love to do... but which do take time and which are, nonetheless... work.

I don't hate any of it. In fact, I love it, and the life it's allowed me to provide for our daughter thus far...

But... something flipped recently. A switch which can't be turned off...

I work now... so at 10:01 on Friday... I can live my life until I come back to work on Monday morning... or, well, if the PTO allows for it, Tuesday AM.

That's right. I'm not living for my job anymore.

I'm working for me. Working so I can live... to be me. To do the things I want to do. To have the adventures I want to have. To be the person I am - and to share the moments with friends, paramours, my family... whomever... because the work I do for a little bit... allows for those "off" time moments to become the stuff which creates memories which last a lifetime.

Very European, right?

I wish I would have realized this earlier.

So... welcome, again, to the evolution of me. Tomorrow morning, I'll get up and start the grind. I'll finish the grind with enough time to enjoy the rest of the day and the afternoon.

Friday, after handling the needs of the dynasty of what I do for the weekend and into Monday of the new week, I'll hop in my car, or on a METRO to UNION where I'll hop a train... and I'll go live life. If I need to fix some work stuff, the tech (which is still arriving for my mobile moments) will be nearby. If not, I'll just enjoy doing whatever life brings my way... from the beach to the lakes... to the mountains... to Amish Paradise... to Texas or the Florida Keys...

Are we living to work, or are we working to live?


I know we've got this COVID and this Pandemic is a thing... but nothing about it said we had to stop living.

It's time to live. Because we've only got one life. We can't take it with us when we go...

... so let's go. Safely. Pay attention to the science... but live.

Life is calling. Will you answer?

That... is on you.