American Heart Month in the Golden Heart City

February is American Heart Month in the Golden Heart City

February is American Heart Month in the Golden Heart City. Willow Physical Therapy & Chena Hot Springs Resort want you to leap into the new decade with a healthy heart lifestyle - and to celebrate - we want to reward you with a Healthy PRIZE! - Simply share your Healthy Heart Tips with everyone and you could WIN a Healthy Prize! Healthy recipes, exercise routines, motivational words of wisdom - we want to know what your healthy heart tips are. It's Fun and Healthy! Click on the heart below to participate. Before you enter the contest, be sure to check out what others have shared and also take a look at the list of local healthy heart activities going on in our Golden Heart City.

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American Heart Month in the Golden Heart City

Healthy Heart Tips Shared ~ Share Your Healthy Heart Tips & You Could Win a Healthy Prize!

  1. Take away the stress from work/school days by spending QUALITY time with family by getting outdoors and breathe in fresh air only using your device for a family selfie!
  2. Drink Plenty of Water
  3. Walk at the big dipper when it's too cold to walk outside. Slice a banana in half, spread with peanut butter, drizzle small amount of local honey on it, slice and enjoy!
  4. Anytime I crave sweets like brownies or donuts I first eat flavored oatmeal with fresh blueberries and sometimes a banana. I make the oatmeal with water and add a small amount of milk to mix it together. Then I add few almonds and usually stops my craving and instead I get to to eat food that is delicious and nutritious with fiber, vitamins and protein. It's my go to dessert!

Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death in America where one in four people die from it each year, according to NIH (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute). To reduce your chances of being a statistic, be good to your heart so your heart will be good to you. Being physically active, eating healthy foods, managing your weight, managing stress, stop smoking, and getting a good night’s sleep are just a few things you can do to live a heart healthy life.

Local Healthy Heart Activities in our Golden Heart City

Working together to adopt a healthy lifestyle gives us a better chance to stay motivated and become more successful at achieving our personal health goals. Let’s help raise awareness about heart healthy practices and encourage others along the way to join in to stomp out heart disease.

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